Silent Knitting

Many members of Cat’s community missed her Silent Knitting sessions and on her birthday, we gathered together from across the globe to celebrate in reflective silence while our needles created comfort pieces for ourselves, friends, and family.


This past summer, we took a break, but we are up and rolling again. We are meeting on Mondays at 5 PM PT.


Some of you will join us weekly, others monthly or annually. What is important to me is that you know that the space is here for you when you want it – and when you need it.


I will send out an email Monday mornings with all of the login details…and news about upcoming patterns, test knits, and the like.


A little about the gathering. You had some beautiful suggestions about developing the group that YOU want.


Here is how the gatherings will go – initially. We will learn and grow as we go.


5:00 PM – I will open the room promptly at 5 PM and give a brief “hello” to the group, remind everyone of the ground rules, share an intention and allow for people to meander in.


5:05 PM – I will ring Cat’s bell and the silent knitting will begin. I will turn off everyone’s mic.


6:05 PM – Cat’s bell will be rung again. I will address the group and allow those that want to leave to exit the space. A few minutes later, we will open a sharing time for 30 minutes. As your moderator, I will provide opportunities for everyone to share as they wish. While Zoom can be challenging, there are nice tools within (hand raising) that can allow everyone to be heard. I know I would love to hear where everyone is from and what they are working on.


A few ground rules:
1) Inclusion and kindness are the foundation of the glorious woman who brought us all together. Please keep this at the forefront.
2) No self-promotion. We love you, we do. Let’s find a space for this, just not here.
3) Politics don’t have any space here.


Please note, it doesn’t say that you have to knit. Knit, crochet, weave, spin or make baskets. It is ALL welcome.


In the future, there may be an opportunity for a social night with special guests, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself!


If you have any questions, just email me at


I can’t wait to “see” you.