To purchase this pattern for $5.00. click here: Buy Guadalupe Mitts Worked flat in garter stitch, these mitts are a peaceful and rhythmic knit, easily fit to your hand.

The design, with rivers of knits that cross over to experience their neighbor’s reality, is meant to carry the heart of the Guadalupe story that first emerged in Mexico and spread throughout the Americas and beyond.

For nearly 500 years, Guadalupe has inspired people at odds with one another to recognize their kindred sacred core. I always have a pair of Guadalupe mitts on my needles, and share them with friends and strangers, asking that they eventually share them with someone else.

May the wisdom of Guadalupe warm your soul, your hands, and our world. This pattern is part of the collection feature in “Cat’s Family of Fingerless Mitts” ebook. Take a peek HERE.