What is a MoMo Cowl? 

It’s a magical solution to a Moebius puzzle I’ve been pondering since 2000. It allows all the “wrong side” floats of color work to hide completely, leaving only pure sleep stockinette designs. I want to share it with you before I die!


Knitting a MoMo can be a springboard to freedom. In my island retreats, I’ve noticed that nearly everyone who knits a MoMo makes more than one, and many knitters design their own even if they’re never designed anything before.

MoMo Cowls

Here are one dozen beautiful MoMo Cowls for you. I am so pleased to be able to pass the collection along.


Caution: This is, I think, a very usable presentation, but it is not as meticulously fine-tuned as my earlier ebooks. I do not have the energy or attention span to make it so. Therefore you may need to have your wits about you a little more than usual, and I won’t be able to answer questions.


Enjoy yourself and this graceful form!


BUY THIS COLLECTION (12 MoMo Cowls) for $15.00.